Plenary Speakers

Sung-Joon Kim Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy Materials Technology, POSTECH Role of C and N in Austenitic Stainless Steel
Chengjia Shang Univ. of Science and Technology Beijing, China To Be Determined
Setsuo Takaki Kyushu Univ., Japan Yielding mechanism in polycrystalline ferritic steel


Microstructural analysis and control (Chair: Goro Miyamoto)

Keynote Speakers

Dong-Woo Suh Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy Materials Technology, POSTECH Heterogeneity driven enhanced tensile properties
in martensitic steels
Tadashi Furuhara Tohoku Univ. Interface engineering in controlling microstructure and properties of steels

Invited Speakers

Maria J. Santofimia Navarro Delft Univ. of Tech. Investigating the formation of bainite in the presence of martensite
Chris. Hutchinson Monash Univ. Mechanical stability of austenite in advanced high strength steels
Hung-Wei (Homer) Yen National Taiwan Univ. Nano/microstructural engineering in lightweight high-entropy steel with multiple characteristics
Kyoun-TaePark Hanbat Univ. Tensile fracture behavior of high Mn austenitic steels
Hao Chen Tsinghua Univ. Flashannealing of advanced high strength steels: phase transformations and mechanical performance
Shuang Xia Shanghai University The effects of grain boundary character distribution on the mechanical properties of a 316L stainless steel
Jae-Hon Jang Korea Inst. of Mater. Sci. Atomistic investigation of clustering and precipitation in Nb-microalloyed steel
Yasunobu Nagataki JFE Steel Co. State-of-the-art ultra-high-strength steel sheets for automobile application
Yutaka Neishi Nippon Steel Co. Higher performance of special steel bars & wire rods by inclusion morphology control
Naoya Shibata The Univ. of Tokyo Development of atomic resolution electron microscope for magnetic materials and steels
Junya Inoue The Univ. of Tokyo Data-driven approach for inverse problems in designing structural materials
Wu Gong Japan Atomic Energy Agency In situ neutron diffraction study on isothermal transformation in steels
Munekazu Ohno Hokkaido Univ. Formation of coarse columnar austenite grains during solidification of peritectic steels


Mechanical properties (Chair: Toshihiro Tsuchiyama)

Keynote Speakers

Heung Nam Han Seoul National Univ. Mechanistic view on electric current induced kinetic enhancement and its various examples in steels
Nobuhiro Tsuji Kyoto Univ. Possibility of fully recrystallized ultrafine grained steels managing both high strength and large ductility
Elena V. Pereloma Univ. of Wollongong Uncovering the relationships between processing parameters, interphase precipitation and strengthening of ferritic high strength low alloy steels
Dirk Ponge Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung Hydrogen embrittlement in high-strength medium- and high-Mn steels: from fundamental understanding to new H-resistant microstructure design

Invited Speakers

Emmanuel De Moor Colorado School of Mines TBD
Mingxing Huang The Univ. of Hong Kong Negative strain rate sensitivity in steels
Seok-Jae Lee Jeonbuk National Univ. TBD
Hongliang Yi Northeastern Univ. TBD
Genichi Shigesato Nippon Steel Co. Microstructure control in high toughness steel plate
Noriyuki Tsuchida Univ. of Hyogo Improvement of mechanical properties from the viewpoint of stress partitioning
Kazuki Shibanuma The Univ. of Tokyo Fatigue life prediction of steels based on multiscale model synthesis
Masato Wakeda NIMS Atomistic modeling and analysis of dislocation behaviors near grain boundary in iron
Masaki Tanaka Kyushu Univ. Delamination in wire-drawn pearlitic steels
Nobuo Nakada Tokyo Inst. of Tech. Heterogeneous cleavage fracture of lath martensite induced by Bain strain


Long term degradation (Chair: Kota Sawada)

Keynote Speakers

Young-Kook Lee Yonsei Univ. Effects of microstructure and deformation on the hydrogen embrittlement of a pearlitic steel
Takashi Nakamura Hokkaido Univ. Initiation and growth behaviors of small internal fatigue cracks in high strength steel and titanium alloys

Invited Speakers

Hong Luo Univ. of Sci. and Tech. Beijing Research progress on hydrogen embrittlement in iron-contained high-entropy alloys
Shusaku Takagi JFE Steel Co. Various research of hydrogen embrittlement evaluation methods for high strength steels
Fumio Yuse KOBELCO Corrosion resistant steel for bridges and life cycle cost
Hisao Matsunaga Kyushu Univ. Fatigue property of steels required for strength design of high-pressure hydrogen components
Masatsugu Yaguchi Central Research Inst. of Electric Power Industry Microstructure and creep strength of grade 91 steel under long-term service condition
Satoru Kobayashi Tokyo Inst. of Tech. Design of ferritic heat resistant steels with improved long term structural stability
Tomohiko Hojo Tohoku Univ. Evaluation of hydrogen embrittlement properties of ultrahigh-strength TRIP-aided steels
Masatoshi Mitsuhara Kyushu Univ. Effect of grain boundary characters on growth of M23C6 carbides in 9Cr ferritic heat-resistant steel
Wenquan Cao Central Iron & Steel Research Inst. TBD
Akinobu Shibata NIMS Hydrogen-related crack propagation behavior in martensitic steel
Yusuke Tsutsumi NIMS Fundamentals of corrosion engineering of metallic materials and development of ultrahigh corrosion resistant stainless steels by novel laser techniques