< First Announcement > ICAS2022 will be held in Tsukuba from 29 May to 1 June 2022.1st circular(PDF)

Welcome message

It is our great pleasure to announce 7th International Conference on Advanced Steels (ICAS 2022) to be held in Tsukuba, Japan from May 29th to June 1st in 2022.

A series of ICAS was launched in Tsukuba 2002 with aiming to exchange an updated scientific knowledge in steel science and network with world-leading researchers in the community in order to make great contributions to the global issue on safety, security, and sustainability. The R&D activities in the field have leading approaches including advanced microstructural design, cutting-edge tools of characterization, and multi-scale simulation/modeling. The high quality scientific programs of various topics will be organized into three symposia covering Microstructural analysis and control, Mechanical properties, and Long term degradation.

This is the second event in Tsukuba subsequent to the first meeting two decades ago. We organizers do welcome all of you and hope to have another great opportunity.

Takahito Ohmura, Conference Chair


  1. 1. Microstructural analysis and control (Chair: Goro Miyamoto)

    phase transformation, precipitation, recrystallization, grain growth, simulation of microstructural evolution, cutting-edge analytical approach, martensitic/bainitic steels, dual phase steels, austenitic steels

  2. 2. Mechanical properties (Chair: Toshihiro Tsuchiyama)

    elastic/plastic deformation, yield/ultimate strength, ductility, workability and formability, stress corrosion cracking, simulation and modeling of strengthening mechanism

  3. 3. Long term degradation (Chair: Kota Sawada)

    ferritic/austenitic heat-resistant steel, creep, fatigue, hydrogen embrittlement, corrosion, lifetime estimation, damage evaluation